Why Am I Doing This?

Hey look at this - I’ve restructed my site once again! A little history - I’ve always wanted to start a blog, but kept running into different obstacles that kept me from starting it.

One obstacle that I had was getting ownership of ‘dannybeard.com’. I know what you’re saying… why didn’t I just use a different url? Well, you’re right - but I get stuck on things like this sometimes… In any case, the domain has passed several different Danny Beard’s through out the years, and every time I tried contacting the owner about purchasing it - no response. Along the way, I did manage to snag a pretty sweet subdomain however: ‘danny.beard.com’. I think it’s cool at least… I contacted the owner, and he was nice enough to help out a distant ‘relative’. In fact, danny.beard.com still resolves to this site, so either domain can be used interchangeably. Finally, I tried once again to contact the owner of dannybeard.com, and we were able to work out the details for my purchase of the domain!

So, having that done, I originally put a portfolio site up for myself. I was just now finishing school and looking for a job, so it was the logical thing to do. Of course, the site had some downfalls: namely it was done in Flash (which caused several issues looking back), and there was no easy way to add new content and projects.

So, with the new version of dannybeard.com, I hope to first of all be able to share some of the projects and work that I’ve done, but also share any tips and hints that I’ve learned along the way. I do this for myself as well, because I tend to forget how I did certain things unless I write it down. If you do happen to find this site for some odd reason, feel free to comment and discuss - I would very much appreciate knowing that something I’ve written has helped someone else along the way. I certainly know that other people’s blogs have helped me.

Now, I just need to write….